The greatest asset, our MICE industry experience

Our team combines decades of experience with the new industry professionals skills in incentive travel planning and management. We are an active player of the industry taking part in the biggest events and trade-shows also being members of the key industry associations. This way of working within the industry allows us to be updated about suppliers and destinations.

Market Research

We work continuously developing our unrivaled data bank, searching potential suppliers and destinations to provide to our clients the best options.

Product Testings

We regularly participate in worldwide familiarization trips and activities to test the real possibility of offering products and destination that could fit into your potential trip proposal.

Building Business

Our working and planning methodology is based on a deep understanding of the customer necessities, not only reaching their expectations, establishing long term business relationships as well.

Worldwide Experience

Our staff in charge of the RFP department have developed most of their careers in Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America, so we can provide a full knowledge of destinations to our clients.

Taylor-Made Budgeting

As our philosophy is based on customized products, we proudly produce programs according to client’s budget, ensuring maximum transparency in every step of the process.

Punctuality Commitment

Our suppliers have been carefully selected to ensure a punctual commitment of program and budget delivery without delay by our side.

Unveiling Destinations

‘The Incentive Boutique’ we always want to exceed your expectations. Therefore, we always suggest a range of potential destinations even being completely new for our clients. Our experience allows us to recommend more than 80 destinations that we have worked developing incentive groups.


‘The Incentive Boutique’ staff represents the plurality of cultures needed to provide a premium service, communicating in different languages with suppliers regardless of the destination you have chosen. In addition, all our local and international group guides speak the different languages of those clients attending the incentive trip.

International Agreements

We have many different agreements with a large number of partners within the sector worldwide. This allows us to have a much better chance of getting the best service possible as we are able to reach where others fail easily.